First, I would like to thank those who have been participating in the focus group calls for the past 6 months. Your participation has been very important and absolutely worthwhile. Your comments/observations/suggestions have all been passed on to the UOHI Quality of Care Board, which includes the most senior management members. They have been listened to, acted upon, or have been considered for appropriate actions. The UOHI Senior management is very much appreciative of your participation and sees this activity as absolutely worthwhile and necessary in its pursuit of engaging patients in all aspect of the Institute. This is very much in line with the vision of being the best “patient centered heart institute in Canada.



As the President of the UOHI Patient Alumni, I have now been running these focus group calls of patients (former and current), family, and caregivers to support my participation in the Quality of Care Committee for the past 6 months. The patient’s voice is central to the work of the Alumni. The Patient Alumni President is very much considered an important member of the QoCC (Quality of Care Committee). As President, I represent current and former patients, caregivers and families of the Heart Institute to ensure the patient’s voice remains at the centre of all recommendations made by the Committee. 


What is the Quality of Care Committee?

The Quality of Care Committee (QoCC) is a standing committee of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI). QoCC reports directly to the UOHI Board of Directors about all of its activities. 


What is the QoCC’s Purpose?

The QoCC’s purpose is to oversee and monitor the quality and safety of cardiac patient care at the UOHI and for cardiology service at the General Campus on behalf of the UOHI Board of Directors. It is one of the ways to ensure we provide world-class care to our patients and to the community. QoCC makes recommendations related to quality of care and patient safety. 



How Does The Focus Group Work?

Focus group members will meet, by call usually, on a monthly basis before QoCC meetings, which are typically held every month.  The focus group will meet by teleconference, and any information or reading material will be sent ahead of time to those who are interested in taking part. 


What Should I expect if I join?

Discussions will be informal. I am seeking your views, comments and suggestions, and any possible concerns on the topic of the month. All of your comments will be kept anonymous when shared by the President with QoCC. This means that your personal information, like your name, birth date and medical condition are not shared. The President of the Alumni will lead the focus group discussions and will report back to QoCC. If you take part in a discussion, you will hear back from the President after the QoCC meeting.

Not every volunteer will be involved in every conference call. The intention is to rotate through different members as needed to make the best use of everyone’s time. 


How To Volunteer?

As indicated earlier several of you have been participating (and we thank you for that). We will continue to use your participation as ongoing members but would like to increase the number of people on our list, so we can rotate those participating to be a patient, family member and/or a caregiver.

If you would like to be part of a future QoCC Patient & Family Focus Group, please click here to enroll. You will be asked for your name, email address, and phone number. You will also need to indicate if you are a patient, family member, or a caregiver. 


Thank you in advance for helping us to keep the patient’s voice at the centre of quality of care at the UOHI.