WHO:  Patients who have been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (i.e. blockages in the arteries that bring blood to legs) and/or claudication (i.e. pain in the legs caused by arterial blockages in the legs). These patients may or may not have undergone procedures or surgeries for their leg artery blockages.

WHAT:  We are about to start a program for comprehensive risk factor management and walking rehabilitation for patients with peripheral arterial disease / claudication, in order to better control their risk factors, decrease their future risk of cardiovascular events, and improve their walking abilities which will result in improvement in quality of life.  In parallel, we are also planning a research program aimed at developing innovative strategies to improve cardiovascular health, walking and quality of life in patients with peripheral arterial disease / claudication.  In order to design clinical and research strategies that are most helpful to patients, we are interested in putting together a focus group of patients who have had these diagnoses to learn about their experiences and challenges with healthcare for their peripheral arterial disease, the burden caused by their disease and walking limitations, the ideal types of interventions that would work best for them, and what types of outcomes are important to them.

WHEN:  Tuesday, October 31, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

WHERE:  Ottawa Heart Institute, 40 Ruskin Street

PARKING: Your parking will be covered at the Ruskin Ave. lot.



Jane Brownrigg, Clinical Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

jbrownrigg@ottawaheart.ca    Tel: 613-696-7000 extension 14542




Thais Coutinho, M.D.

Chief, Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation

Chair, Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

tcoutinho@ottawaheart.ca     Tel: 613-696-7397