July 2, 2016


My name is Lynn Ashdown and I am about to be discharged from a 4 week admission at the Heart Institute. I received funding support from the Patient Alumni to cover the rental of a piece of equipment I will need for 1 month. The equipment was not covered through CCAC and I am therefore incredibly thankful to Patient Alumni for donating the funds. I am sending this via email as I am MRSA positive so could not write this thank you on the card but wanted to still be able to express my gratitude.  I am a younger patient at the Heart Institute and am currently 35. I first became a patient here when I was 32 when in one blink of an eye my life drastically changed. I am actually an MD and graduated from the University of Ottawa Medical school in 2010. I was very close to finishing my residency training in Family Medicine (also in Ottawa) when all of that stopped. Although I have no recollection of the event, at the age of 32 I went into cardiac arrest while studying in a coffee shop. My lifeless fall to the ground from the stool I was sitting on caused me to suffer a cervical spine fracture and a traumatic brain injury. 2.5 years later I am still dealing with all the medical issues that ensued. It turns out I have Congenital Long QT syndrome and the cardiac arrest I had in the coffee shop was my first presenting symptom of it. And thus I became and will always be a patient of the Heart Institute.  I am a proud patient of this institution and generous donations from Patient Alumni is an incredible way to give to those in need. As one can imagine, the funds needed to deal with the many medical issues and obstacles I now face is enormous. I was also just at the end of my education so student loans are a financial burden for me at this current time. I just want to say thank you for your donation to me and all that you do for all patients of the Heart Institute. I am truly grateful.


Lynn Ashdown