This year the Alumni held its 32nd Annual General Meeting in the Foustanelles Auditorium at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. This is the same successful format that we instituted last year. It afforded our guests a comfortable space for mingling, and allowed for an opportunity to chat with other members and UOHI staff. Using the Foustanelles Auditorium permitted many of the UOHI staff members to join the event, even after surgery or meetings, if only for a short period of time.

The usual business meeting, as required by our constitution, preceded the cocktail reception. The minutes of that meeting will be available shortly on our web site.

2018 Annual General Meeting

The business meeting was followed by a sumptuous reception catered by Tickers Restaurant. Judging by the feedback, this was the highlight of the evening. Hot and cold offerings, paired with a beverage of choice, gave the evening an informal welcoming air.

2018 Annual General Meeting

Our guests were shown a new video prepared by the Alumni and the UOHI that introduces new patients and family members to the new Clinical tower. 

The President presented a short verbal report of the significant accomplishments of the previous year. The full annual report is now available on our web site called _______. Click here to view the report.

The Patient Alumni annual recognition awards are always a special AGM event, This year’s awards  presentation was animated by our own MC Daniel Giasson, past Patient Alumni Board member. This year’s winners are:

Wilbert J. Keon Award 2018 to:

Dr. Paul Boland – Chief Cardiology Resident

Dr. Paul Boland, cardiology resident,accepts the Wilbert J. Keon Award for professional excellence on the part of a resident or fellow in training.

Mary Clinckett Awards 2017 (clinical) to:

Ms. Ismat Shah – Sonographer Technologist

Ismat Shah, sonographer,(right) receives the Mary Clinckett Award for dedication and excellence in clinical services.

Ms. Kathryn Eastwood – Cardiac Care Telehealth nurse

Kathryn Eastwood (right), Clinical Expert/Virtual Nurse, accepts theMary Clinckett Award for Clinical Services and poses with colleague Erika MacPhee.

Mary Clinckett Awards 2017 (non-clinical) to:

Ms. Jennifer Lajeunesse – Performance Measurements & Privacy Business Administrator

Jennifer Lajeunesse, Performance Measurement and Privacy Business Officer, is all smiles receiving theMary Clinckett Award for non-clinical services.

Patient Alumni Volunteer Award 2018 to:

Ms. Marion Martell – Volunteer Women@heart inpatient Support

Marion Martell, Women@Heart Ambassador for the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Center, graciously accepts the Patient Alumni Volunteer Award 2018 for an outstanding contribution to the Heart Institute or the Foundation in a volunteer capacity.


A very Special Friends of the Alumni Award 2018 to:

Mrs. Fay Turner – Chief Administrative Officer, Patient Alumni

Patient Alumni president Jean Bilodeau presents the Special Friends Award to Fay Turner, Chief Administrative Officer, for her seven years of service at the Alumni.


In his closing statement Patient Alumni President Mr. Jean Bilodeau reiterated the significant accomplishments of the past year. He recognized the unwavering support of the UOHI senior management, the staff in general, members of the Alumni and its Board of directors.

Dr. Mesana was invited to say a few words and echoed Mr. Bilodeau’s comments. He stressed the importance of the Alumni as a strategic partner of the UOHI.

Here are some additional comments made by Dr. Mesana:

“The evening represents a love story between the patients, the Alumni, the Heart Institute and the Foundation”

“Everyone can be an advocate for the Institute celebrating the new Clinical Tower, the new MRI equipment, the Women at Heart program and other important projects that have been achieved recently through the generous donations of people like you as patients and members of the Alumni. These would not have happened otherwise.”

“Each of you are our ambassadors for the Institute and we thank you for your support.”

Mr. Bilodeau closed by mentioning that the Alumni feel very much a strategic partner of the UOHI team. We look forward to seeing you in June 2019.

Patient Alumni President Jean Bilodeau welcomes attendees at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

This year, the innovative use of Facebook Live allowed us to reach over 3,500 people, and was viewed by over 1,500 of which over 250 individuals made comments and shared the videos. For those who may have missed it and want to review it is still available.

UOHI Patient Alumni Association recognizing the excellence of outstanding Heart Institute family members!L'Association des anciens patients de l'Institut reconnaît ce soir l'excellence de membres de l'Institut de cardiologie.

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